Saturday, June 4, 2011


May was a very busy month. It went by way to fast. Brandon and I were able to go to Idaho to watch my sister Jill's kids. We had so much fun. It was a ton of work, but definatley worth it! Thank goodness for her 4 page schedule or we would of died. Even though I made fun of her for it. It helped a TON. Our week consisted of: going to park, zoo, walks, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, naps, bubbles, cars, dancing. It was such a blast! I was so sad to leave. BUT, definatley glad to be home. We are still recovering.
(Sorry for the bad quality of pictures. They were all taken with our phones.)

A few days after we got home from Idaho it was my birthday! That morning Brandon made me breakfast. Then we went to a movie and dinner. Then did a little shopping. And to top it all off Sunday and Monday our families did a little party me! It was a great weekend. Thank you everyone for making it so much fun!


jill said...

They had so much fun with you guys! Thanks again for watching them for us. It made our first trip away from them worry free!

Wyatt is a pro now at "smiling" for the camera. I don't know how you did it. Bravo.

brooke said...

i miss those little cuties! that's some good practice for you and brownden