Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 Years

I cant believe I havent done a post in 6 months. Thats sad. I also cant believe that I have been married for 2 years! Time flies. We sadly forgot our camera. But we were able to get away to Scottsdale for the weekend. We went to my favorite place to eat, Chessecake factory. Saw Brandons favorite movie, Fast Five. Then we did some shopping at Kierland Commons. It was a great weekend! Thank you so much Brandon for a wonderful 2 years! Cant wait for the years to come! I love you!


kelsey bang said...

seriously two years??! wow that is amazing! I love you two! Perfect couple! Wahoo!

Kjohnson said...

You seriously can't believe you haven't posted in 6 months? I sure can. Either way though you guys looking freaking cute and congrats on the two year anniversary! Now time to start having some babies :)